Flower (Alternative Name) Description
Cape Jasmine I’m too happy
Cardamine Paternal error
Cardinal Flower Distinction
CarnationDeep Red Alas! for my poor heart
CarnationStriped Refusal
CarnationYellow Disdain
CarnationPink Woman’s love
Catchfly Snare
CatchflyRed Youthful love
CatchflyWhite Betrayed
Cedar Strength
Cedar Leaf I live for thee
Cedar of Lebanon Incorruptible
CeladineLesser Joys to come
Centaury Delicacy
Cequered Fritillary Persecution
CereusCreeping Modest genius
Champignon Suspicion
Cherry Tree Good education
Cherry TreeWhite Deception
Chestnut Tree Do me justice, Luxury
Chickweed Rendezvous
Chicory Frugality
China Aster Variety
China AsterDouble I partake your sentiments
China AsterSingle I will think of it
Chinese Chrysanthemum Cheerfulness under adversity
Christmas Rose Relieve my anxiety
ChrysanthemumRed I love
Cinquefoil Maternal affection
Circæa Spell
Cistus (Rock Rose) Popular favour
Cistus, Gum I shall die tomorrow
Citron Ill-natured beauty
Clemantis Mental beauty
ClematisEvergreen Poverty
Climbing PlantsTendrils of Ties
Clotbur Pertinacity, Rudeness
CloverFour-leaved Be mine
CloverRed Industry
CloverWhite Think of me
Cloves Dignity
Cobæa Gossip
Colchicum (Meadow Saffron) My best days are past
Coltsfoot Justice shall be done
Columbine Folly
ColumbinePurple Resolved to win
ColumbineRed Anxious and trembling
Convolvulus Bonds
ConvolvulusBlue, Minor Night, Repose
ConvolvulusMajor Extinguished hopes
ConvolvulusPink Worht sustained by judicious and tender affection
Corchorus Impatient of absence
Coreopsis Always cheerful
Coreopsis Arkansa Love at first sight
Coriander Hidden worth
Corn Riches
CornBroken Quarrel
Corn bottle Delicacy
Corn Cockle Gentility
Corn straw Agreement
Cornel Tree Duration
Cornella Success crown your wishes
Cowslip Pensiveness, Winning grace
CowslipAmerican Divine beauty, You are my divinity
Cranberry Cure for heartache
Creeping Cereus Horror
Cress Power, Stability
Crocus Abuse not
CrocusSpring Youthful gladness
CrocusSaffron Mirth
Crowfoot Ingratitude
CrowfootAconite-leaved Lustre
Crown Imperial Majesty, Power
Crowsbill Envy
Cuckoo Plant Ardour
CudweedAmerican Uneasing rememberance
Currant Thy frown will kill me
CurrantsBranches You please all
Cuscuta Meanness
Cyclamen Diffidence
Cypress Death, Mourning
Daffodil Regard
Dahlia Instability
Daisy Innocence
DaisyGarden I share your sentiments
DaisyMichaelmas Farewell
DaisyParty-coloured Beauty
DaisyWild I will think of it
Damask Rose Brilliant complexion
Dandelion Rustic oracle
Daphne Odora Painting the lily
Darnel (Ray grass) Vice
Day Lily Coquetry
Dead Leaves Sadness
Dew Plant A Serenade
Ditanny of CreteWhite Passion
Dittanny of Crete Birth
Dock Patience
Dodder of Thyme Baseness